The Story of the Cacao and
the Farmer

Beneath the protective canopy of towering trees, a wise farmer nurtured a thriving cocoa tree, its branches gently swaying in the shade of the lush forest. As the cocoa pods ripened, the farmer, with experienced hands, carefully harvested them, revealing the hidden treasure within—the amazing cocoa beans. The farmer knew that the soul of exceptional chocolate lay within these pods. 

Following the traditions passed down through many generations, the farmer skillfully initiated the fermentation process, a delicate dance that would shape the beans’ flavor profiles. With meticulous attention, the beans transformed under the farmer’s watchful eye, capturing the essence of the sun-soaked fields and the rich terroir of the land. 

Once the beans had undergone their magical metamorphosis, the farmer carefully dried them, harnessing the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze. Each bean was then packed with precision and care, a testament to the farmer’s commitment to delivering the essence of his land to the hands of the chocolate maker. And so, the cocoa beans embarked on their long journey from the gentle shade of the forest canopy of the southern lands to the snow-capped mountains in the north, where they would be transformed once again and more of their magic revealed.

At RIVA we believe in the“happy-happy” process

“Happy-happy” refers to our mission to ensure the happiness of the farmers who take care of the cocoa trees and the initial cocoa processing. We honour and value the hard work and precious knowledge of the farmers who know exactly when to harvest, how to ferment the cocoa and how to follow the drying steps to ensure the beans are of the highest quality before they reach the hands of the chocolate maker who is usually far, far away from the origin of the growing cocoa tree.

At RIVA, we strive to create each batch of chocolate using only premium and “happy” cocoa beans. Our aim is to produce the finest chocolate while prioritizing sustainability in every step of our process. We believe that the sourcing of our cocoa is equally as important as the final product.

RIVA supports farmers by buying premium-grade, single-origin cacao from our direct trade partner based in Canada. We work closely with Juan, who is committed to overseeing the direct trade process and ensuring sustainable and fair work where the farmers and their workers are treated with kindness and paid fairly.

RIVA is honored to be a part of the movement for positive change in the chocolate industry. Every chocolate bar has undergone an intricate series of transformations, and at RIVA, we take great care to ensure that each step in this process is “happy.” From the tree to the farmer to the supplier, to the chocolate maker, and finally, to you, RIVA promises a happy experience.

Thank you for your support!