The Story of Riva

In the enchanting valley of the Columbia River, where majestic mountains cradle the landscape, a delectable journey unfolded—the creation of RIVA Chocolate. The name “Riva” echoes the connection between riverbanks and shores, which is reflected in the artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate crafted by Zu. The chocolate is woven with the revered qualities of the element of water: purity and vitality.

Amidst snow-covered peaks and evergreen forests, Zu works tirelessly to master her unique craft, infusing each creation with her own enchanting cocoa magic. Her skill in roasting cocoa beans and her ability to create rich, intense flavors captivated the townsfolk of the valley. Word of these magic chocolate creations soon spread and Zu began roasting more and making more. When the whispers of higher chocolate demand graced the air and Zu needed support, RIVA’s chocolate elves—a circle of trusted friends—appeared working harmoniously by her side and offering valuable feedback on Zu’s creations, ensuring the flavors of the end product reached a sublime perfection.

In this tranquil mountain town of Revelstoke, the tale began and continues to unfold—a dedicated chocolate maker, her craft, and friends offering their the magical support all working together in the sweet symphony of creation.