My name is Zuzana (Zu) and I am the RIVA CHOCOLATE MAKER.

My chocolate-making journey started in early 2017 upon successful completion of the Chocolate Making from the Bean Program at the Ecole Chocolat Professional School of Chocolate Arts. It gave me a great base of knowledge and led me to the first homemade batch of chocolate from cocoa beans.

I realized that I would like to be part of that sweet adventure and wanted to see the cacao plant in its natural habitat. The cacao grows only around the equator and with help of my beans supplier Juan from the Mexican Arabica Bean Company, I went to learn post-harvest practices in Comalcalco, Mexico at Hacienda Cacaotera Jesús Maria in 2019.

This experience changed my view of chocolate.

I treat each cocoa bean with care and respect ever since. Dedicated to honoring the hard work of humans behind each harvest, as well as the long journey to get it all the way to my kitchen, and from there, to you.

“RIVA is a combination of one passion with another, RIVA is a path, RIVA is joy and a new adventure”

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