Bean to Bar chocolate from single origin cocoa beans,
handcrafted in small batches in Revelstoke BC.

For People Who Love Chocolate

Bean-to-bar is a craft chocolate-making movement that celebrates the cacao and treats it like gold (as did the Mesoamericans). There is a belief that Theobroma Cacao is a goddess plant, and bears fruit that reflects the soil, topography and the climate in which it is grown.

RIVA chocolate strives to honor the amazing natural flavors and complexities of the cocoa beans featuring cocoa profiles from Vietnam, Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico, Honduras and more. Zu finds endless inspiration as she develops her own personal approach to batch crafting, learning from master chocolate makers and experimenting with new techniques to create truly exceptional bars.

Riva Revelstoke!

The Real Chocolate Experience

Our bars contain only two ingredients – single origin roasted cocoa beans and organic cane sugar.

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